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The three processes of electrical fault repair and eight skills!

Release time:2018-10-17

1. Observe and investigate the shortcomings:
Electrical shortcomings are diverse. For example, the same type of shortcomings may have different shortcomings. Different types of shortcomings may have the same kind of shortcomings. The identity and diversity of such shortcomings bring clutter to the shortcomings of finding. However, the shortcoming phenomenon is the fundamental basis for overhauling electrical defects. It is the starting point for electrical fault diagnosis. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully observe and analyze the shortcomings, find out the most important and typical aspects of the shortcomings, and find out the moments of the shortcomings. , address, environment, etc.
2. Analyze the shortcomings. At the beginning, determine the scale of the defects and reduce the disadvantages. According to the shortcomings, the cause of the defects is the key to the electrical fault diagnosis. The root of the analysis is the fundamental theory of electrical and electronic, which is a comprehensive understanding of the structure, principle and function of electrical equipment. It is the actual combination of the fundamental theory and shortcomings of electrical and electronic. There may be many reasons for an electrical shortcoming, and it is important to find the most important cause among many reasons;
3. Identify the shortcomings of the defects as a discriminating point: Determine the shortcomings are the most complete days and results of electrical defects. It is concluded that the shortcomings can be understood as the shortcomings of the equipment, such as short-circuit points, damaged components, etc., and can also be used to determine the variation of certain operating parameters, such as voltage fluctuation, three-phase uneven Yang. It is concluded that the shortcomings are carried out on the basis of careful investigation and detailed analysis of the defects. In this process, it is often necessary to adopt the various means and methods to be introduced below. The accumulation of practical experience plays an important role in the completion of the above operations.
Eight problems in electrical troubleshooting
1. Understand the circuit principle and determine the maintenance plan: When the electrical system of a device has a shortcoming, do not rush to open it. The first thing to understand is the phenomenon, passage, scale and cause of the shortcomings of the electrical equipment. Understand the fundamental operating principle of the equipment and electrical system, and analyze the detailed circuits. Clarify the relationship between the various levels in the circuit and the ins and outs of the signal in the circuit, combined with the actual experience, through careful consideration, to determine a scientific maintenance plan.
2. First machine damage, rear circuit: Electrical equipment is based on electrical-mechanical principle, especially the advanced equipment of mechatronics, mechanical and electronic cooperation in function, is a whole two parts. Often mechanical parts present a flaw, affecting the electrical system, equipment management of the China Federation, the function of many electrical components does not work. Therefore, it is not to be confused by the surface phenomenon. The shortcomings of the electrical system are not all electrical problems, and may be caused by the shortcomings of mechanical parts. Therefore, first repairing the shortcomings of the mechanical system, and then removing the shortcomings of the electrical part, will often get twice the result with half the effort.
3. First, simple and messy: the shortcomings of maintenance should first be handled in the most simple and easy way, and then use the cluttered and precise method. When sweeping out the shortcomings, first remove the intuitive, obvious, and simple common shortcomings. Post-sweeping is difficult and has no problems.
4. First check the common disease, after the difficult problem: Electrical equipment is often simple to attack the same type of shortcoming is "common disease." Because common diseases are more common, the experience of stacking is more abundant, so it can be quickly removed. In this way, you can concentrate on and eliminate the rare, difficult, and ridiculous inconveniences, simplify the process, reduce the scale, and improve the speed of inspection.
5. External debugging, internal processing: External refers to the various switches, buttons, sockets and indicators exposed outside the electrical equipment. Internal refers to the printed circuit boards, components and various connecting wires inside the electrical equipment casing or seal. External debugging, internal processing, is to use the switch, travel button, button, etc. on the panel of the electrical equipment to debug and reduce the scale of the defect without disassembling the electrical equipment. Firstly remove the shortcomings caused by external components, and then repair the shortcomings in the machine, try to avoid unnecessary disassembly
6. First, do not measure the power, then the power-on test: First, in the case of no power, the electrical equipment is overhauled: then, under the condition of power-on, the electrical equipment is overhauled. When repairing electrical equipment for many episodes of shortcomings, it is not possible to immediately electrify, otherwise it will artificially expand the scale of defects, burn more components, and cause loss. Thus, before the shortcomings are energized. First measure the resistance and take the necessary measures before powering on.
7. First shared circuit and post-dedicated circuit: The common circuit of any electrical system has shortcomings. Its energy and information cannot be transmitted and distributed to each detailed dedicated circuit. The function of the dedicated circuit and the device management of the Chinese Alliance will not work. If the power supply of an electrical device is faulty, the entire system cannot operate normally, and the energy and information transmitted to various dedicated circuits cannot be completed. Therefore, in accordance with the order of the first shared circuit and the later dedicated circuit, the shortcomings of the electrical device can be quickly and accurately removed.
8. Summary experience. The advantages of progressive power electrical equipment are diverse and singular. If any defective electrical equipment is overhauled, it should record the shortcomings, causes, inspections, skills, and experience on a special notebook, learn to grasp the knowledge of various new electrical equipment, understand its operating principle, and repair and repair experience. , to raise his own experience to theory. Under the guidance of theory, detailed analysis of detailed shortcomings can accurately and quickly remove the shortcomings. In this way, you can cultivate yourself as an expert in repairing electrical defects.


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